Restaurants in Paddington

Where to Wine and Dine in Paddington

Looking to take an escort for a dinner date in the Paddington area? For ages, Paddington has been playing a great role to the development of London and the UK at large since it was integrated into the region in 1965. It is a great district which offers among a great variety of other things a good transport system that is complete with the Paddington Station and it is also a great place for one to go touring as it offers a great array of attractions among them the Jason Gallery, the Jason’s Canal Boat trip, the Princess of Wales Memorial playground among a variety of other things. The best thing is that even with all these bustling events, the area is still stocked with a great variety of restaurants where the visitors and the locals can go and fill up. Here are two of the restaurants that will definitely catch your heart and please your tummy as well.

The Bel Canto.

Bel Canto Paddington restaurant

This is a one of a kind restaurant that offers a great variety of French cuisines and follows this up with opera performances that are utterly stunning to say the least to offer the clients the best dining experience that London has to offer. There are a variety of deals that the clients can choose from but it is worth mentioning that a greater deal of the deals that they can select are utterly affordable without a doubt.

Some of the deals and packages that the customers that visit this restaurant can pick from include the opera packages, Opera with 2 course meal and the opera package with 2 course meal and Kir Royal. There are also deals that come with the packages to make them more affordable that include a 50% deal off the price of the food and a 20% deals off the opera packages and there is also close to 1,000 point tables that are available the customers can choose from. It is simply a dining experience to die for and the Opera performance is one that will have your eyes welling up with tears of joy.

Gyngleboy restaurant.

Gyngleboy restaurant

Not only is one of the best restaurants in Paddington for the great food that they serve, they are also very well positioned in one of the busiest places in Paddington and that is just around the corner of the Paddington Railway Station. It is packed with charm that is accompanied by a great list of wines not to mention a very seasonal and tasty menu. While here one can also enjoy the sharing platters for those that are light lunchers not to mention the private area of four. Here you get an opportunity to get intimate with your food.

If you’re looking for amazing places in Paddington to fill up, then these are perhaps the best suited for this. While at either of the two, you can be guaranteed that your Paddington escort will feel quite impressed and tantalized.